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SFF versus SFP: SFF facilitates grants to existing charities; for smaller grants and service contracts for mission-aligned projects that don't yet have an institutional home, visit SFP.

SFF Initiative Committee

In 2024, SFF is taking on a more proactive stance toward AI risk. We have established an Initiative Committee, which hosts discussions between Jaan Tallinn, SFF Advisors Andrew Critch and Eric Rogstad, and a small set of anonymous voters — 2 to 5 people at a time — who can vote to approve or disapprove a given grant or project. The objectives of the committee are essentially the following priorities, written by Jaan and Andrew with input and feedback from others:

Unlike the S-Process, the Initiative Committee makes grants on its own initiative, rather than in response to requests or applications. Thus, we actively reach out to groups and individuals who we think might be able to support our priorities, either via gifts of funding to their general operations, or via grants to pursue specific project ideas that we propose. We do not intend for the Initiative Committee to collect applications or respond to proposals, as the spirit of the committee is to act on internally-developed initiatives rather than responding reactively to external requests, which is more the job of the S-Process.

If you want to contact the Initiative Committee to propose something, it’s probably better to submit an application to the S-Process, as described here. That said, if you specifically want to leave a message for the Initiative Committee, we have a by-default unresponsive address where you can send an email: We will not normally reply to these messages, and we do not promise to read all of them, but we may sometimes take inspriation from them.

Initiative Committee gifts and grants in 2024 will be announced in a table similar to past S-Process grant announcements, e.g., 2023-H1.

Source Amount To Organization Receiving Entity Purpose
(no entries yet)