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SFF versus SFP: SFF facilitates grants to existing charities; for smaller grants and service contracts for mission-aligned projects that don't yet have an institutional home, visit SFP.

SFF-2022-H2 Grant Round Application Announcement

SFF is organizing another S-Process grant round in collaboration with Jaan Tallinn to distribute funds by the end of November 2022. We estimate ~$8MM in funding will be distributed in this round. Our largest funder in this round has given a statement of priorities for areas which he is more interested in funding:

Applications to this round are due on August 30, via the following rolling application form: SFF Org Funding Rolling Application Form.

Early applications, submitted at least one week before the deadline (i.e., by August 23 or sooner) are eligible to submit a Speculation Grant request (also by August 23 or sooner) to receive an expedited portion of funding (at most $200k per speculation grantor approving the amount, but probably less). These expedited funds could be provided as early as one week after the request, but most internal decisions on requests made before August 23 will be rendered by September 7, and most expedited portions of the grant(s) will be distributed by October 11.

Late applications are welcome, however the application evaluators will not be obliged to consider such applications. Thus, late applications will have fewer opportunities to be funded. Late applications are also ineligible for expedited (i.e., speculation) grants.

More information about this grant round can be found on the application form above. If you have any further questions, please write to